Test laboratory

Solar Panel tests


With our own flasher and our electroluminescent chamber, which we use for quality management and incoming inspection we have the possibility to test your panels on STC-conditions.

How does the electroluminescent chamber works?

A solar cell is a diode that converts sunlight directly into electricity. This process also works in the other direction. A solar cell can operate as a LED (light Emitting Diode). The special NIR-camera can record the radiation.


What can be seen with the electroluminescent chamber?


Ultimately every defect that affects the power production of the solar cell and also entail to a hindrance of the radiation will be emitted in the electroluminescence.


To recognize are p. e.:

- Impurities of the silicium

-Interruptions of the wiper

-Faulty edge isolation of the cells

-With the naked eye not obvious cracks in the silicon wafer

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